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Bible Reading Plans

Systematic and regular Bible reading of God’s Word is a good way of developing and deepening our relationship with Jesus Christ. Be honest with yourself and set an attainable goal… If you have never read the the entire Bible, don’t start with a goal of reading the Bible in a year. Instead, set a goal of reading the New Testament in a year, or something similar. Regardless of your plan, read with an attentive attitude and ask the Holy Spirit to lead you and teach you as you read.

Here are some plan to help you get started.  I have collected these from a variety of sources and have listed them (roughly) in order of the amount of time/commitment required.

A Beginner’s Bible Reading Plan

A survey the Bible in one year, reading only 15 verses a day!

5x5x5 Bible Reading Plan

Read through the New Testament in a year, reading Monday to Friday. Weekends are set aside for reflection and other reading. Especially beneficial if you’re new to a daily discipline of Bible reading.

Straight Through the Bible Reading Plan

Read straight through the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation.

52 Week Bible Reading Plan

Read through the Bible in a year, with each day of the week dedicated to a different genre: Epistles, The Law, History, Psalms, Poetry, Prophecy, and Gospels.

Chronological Bible Reading Plan

Read through the Bible in the order the events occurred chronologically.

Historical Bible Reading Plan

The Old Testament readings are similar to Israel’s Hebrew Bible, and the New Testament readings are an attempt to follow the order in which the books were authored.

New Testament in 90 Days Plan

Read the entire New Testament in 90 days.

The Bible in 90 Days

Read the Bible cover to cover by investing as little as thirty minutes a day. In 90 days, you will see the big picture of God’s great story unfolding before you.

Two-Year Bible Reading Plan

Read the Old and New Testaments once, and Psalms & Proverbs four times

Every Word in the Bible (three years)

Read through the Bible one chapter at a time. Readings alternate between the Old and New Testaments.